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Secrets To Film Distribution -- DVD Series Just Released


What is the TRUTH today about Distribution for your Movie or Documentary?

Is it difficult to achieve? Especially for an indie? (Absolutely not)
Can you believe all the negative chatter people spread about Distribution? (You shouldn't)
Is it prudent to bypass what we call "Traditional Distribution" and just DIY your film into the marketplace? (Maybe, maybe not, depends upon your goals and your film's budget)

Here is a report (no charge to access), and below that is the most Powerful and Current information today for the Independent Producer or Director.

"6 Secret Lies of Film Distribution"

If you're in the market for distribution for your movie or documentary -- or will be -- learn what all Producers & Directors MUST know. Click on the following link to access & have the 5 Page Report sent to you free:

Click Here for Report



"THE SECRETS TO DISTRIBUTION: Get Your Movie Distributed Now!" is a powerful, hands-on, 3-Day Program that assists Producers & Directors with learning everything they need to achieve successful distribution for their movie or documentary.

Nothing like this has EVER been created before, and no other producer in the world teaches the significant information contained in this Program. If you've accomplished the Herculean task of making a movie or documentary -- or you intend to -- it's time to learn how to actually get it INTO the marketplace, quickly and SUCCESSFULLY.

9 DVDs with 18 Hours of Powerful Information & Proven Strategies give you the tools to achieve this success. PLUS you get 3 Workbooks containing 300 pages of resources, case studies, and crucial Distributor Contact Lists.

[Note: As this Program is continuously updated, you will receive all updates for 1 year at no charge.]

This is the REAL info. This is what many veteran producers don't want you to hear -- they don't want the extra competition. This is what distributors, sales agents & producer reps don't want you to hear -- they don't want YOU in control.

The Secrets To Distribution - Volume 1

The Secrets To Distribution - Volume 2

The Secrets To Distribution - Volume 3

"I can't say enough about Jerome's Program! It's fun, sincere, candid and informed. You can't put a price on the information he teaches -- but avoiding the pitfalls of distribution could save you north of $50,000!"

-- Kerry David, Producer of 7 Movies including "Agent Cody Banks,"
"My Date With Drew," "Like Dandelion Dust"

"Incredible Program. Never before has a film producer put together a step-by-step approach to navigating the world of distribution. Taking this course is a MUST for any producer or director who's serious about having success. To not understand the marketplace and how to work it, is financial suicide for your movie. Don't do that. Don't be one of those filmmakers who think they know everything. Get this phenomenal 'Secrets To Distribution' Program, understand what you need to do to have success, then do it!"

-- Darin Scott, Producer of 9 Movies including "Menace II Society,"
"Tales from the Hood," "To Sleep With Anger," "Love and a .45"

Material covered in this comprehensive and advanced DVD Program includes:

Theatrical Distribution

What to do and not do with theatrical distributors; Most filmmakers fail here, even when they have an excellent movie.
Service Deal Distribution

What this is, how it works, and why some prominent Producers & Directors are utilizing it.
DIY Theatrical Distribution

How to get your movie into theaters yourself and launch a theatrical run. Can one do what Kevin Smith did with "Red State"? (Yes!)
The 8 Fundamental Models

...of getting your movie into the revenue stream to maximize earnings.
Home Video Distribution

DVD & Blu-ray is actually alive and profitable for many Producers. Last year DVD Distribution (& Blu-ray) was an $11.8 Billion market -- still the largest revenue generating market of all. This doesn't mean getting into this market is easy for the indie producer today, but there are still dozens upon dozens of active DVD Distributors. Contact list included.
VOD / PPV / Cable Distribution

VOD has been the hot topic of conversation for the past several years now, but how can you actually generate significant revenues here?
Foreign Distribution

How to get your film sold internationally. How to approach and gain interest from a foreign sales company to handle your movie.
Digital / Internet Distribution

How to make the most of this worldwide market. Where to go, what to do, and the best digital platforms to currently be on. (99% of filmmakers do not understand the shifts that have occurred within the past 3 years with online distribution, and are still wondering why they're seeing little money on MOST platforms their films are sitting on. Learn what you need to be doing NOW.)
DIY Distribution

Making your own DVDs and/or Blu-rays and successfully selling them into the marketplace yourself. This has the highest profit margin, and some producers do this very successfully.
Film Festivals

Are they worth your time & energy? How to generate Buzz, Press & Awards. How to effectively use festivals to attain distribution.
Deals & Contracts

How to contractually protect yourself when making deals with distributors. This is -- unfortunately -- where too many filmmakers drop the ball. (Seriously drop the ball.)

....PLUS much, much more! Visit link below for FULL PROGRAM info.

"Since the class I attended, I've sold 2 films to Lionsgate and I have a 3rd that I'm shooting for them. Everything Jerome says -- as much as I fought it initially -- is right on!"

-- Bobby Leigh, Producer, "Unraveled," "Experiment In Torture"

"GREAT Program! What makes Jerome's material so powerful is his personal experiences in the trenches. He fills a gap in most filmmakers' education and provides a roadmap for the often murky and ever-changing world of distribution. His Program is important, valuable, and one that filmmakers of all levels can benefit from in getting their movies out there."

-- Doug Atchison, Director/Writer, "Akeelah and the Bee"

"Without Jerome's information and resources, I'd never have gotten distribution through Warner Bros. for my 'no name' feature. Not in a million years!"

-- Vince Rocca, Producer, "Kisses & Caroms," "The Ghostmaker"

Also participating in this extensive Program are these distinguished Guest Speakers:

- Brian Stevenson (Lightning Entertainment)
- Alec McNayr (McBeard Media)
- Linda Nelson (CEO, Indie Rights)
- Jon Reiss (Filmmaker, Author of "Think Outside the Box Office")
- Mitch Levine (The Film Festival Group)
....Visit link below for more on the Guest Speakers.

Special Labor Day Offer to Production Tube list subscribers: Order this powerful 3-Day Program now and get a whopping 33% OFF! (That's over $200 off!!)


Labor Day Discount good until September 10.
The link above (http://www.Distribution.LA/tube) must be used to reach the discount page -- it's not available from the website's main page.

Jerome Courshon knows the 'game' of distribution as a Producer in the trenches. From his film festival journeys to self-releasing his first movie into theaters to securing distribution with Warner Bros., Courshon has faced innumerable obstacles. And it's this real world "what works, what doesn't" approach that he is able to share with fellow filmmakers to help them attain success. For over the past 8 years, Courshon has assisted hundreds of Producers & Directors with achieving real distribution (with Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, Lionsgate, and many others) through his classes, speaking engagements and consultations.

"Wow! It's about time someone created a road map for this crazy complicated world of distribution. As film producers we need to know how to distribute our own films. It's not just about producing them anymore. What's the point if no one goes to see it? Finally, with Jerome's 3-Day 'Distribution School' DVD Series, we not only have the knowledge to distribute our films, but we get to make money doing it! It doesn't get any better than this!"

-- Suzanne Lyons, Producer of 10 Movies including "Undertaking Betty,"
"The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things"

For more information on the "THE SECRETS TO DISTRIBUTION" Program, please visit: www.Distribution.LA

Facebook: www.facebook.com/FilmDistribution
Twitter: @Distribution411
Phone: (323) 662-8877

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