Digital Workflows & Multi-Channel Delivery

Digital Workflows & Multi-Channel Delivery

Discuss the latest trends in File Based Production & Content Everywhere Distribution
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Today's Production, Post and Distribution demand the most efficient, intentional, and well planned workflows, to insure proper delivery across any channel, screen, device, platform, and engagement mechanism.

Our own consumer behaviors with media consumption have placed new demands on how we produce and deliver content that can as consistently be viewed from theaters to home televisions, internet enabled and mobile devices and beyond. Challenges with file formats, codecs, aspect ratios, frame rates & sizes, bit rates and a host of other technical challenges that when managed effectively produce a quality audience experience across any and all audience experiences. Managed ineffectively and unnecessary costs, time, lack of quality or successful viewing of your content can undoubtedly ensue.

This group is designed to share, teach, support, and explore methods, tools, war stories and successful navigation of the Digital Landscape we create, deliver and engage in, both now and into the future!

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  • scarrey
    by scarrey 5 years ago
    4K and High Frame Rate Productions are on the rise. A ton of new tools are hitting the market both for consumer experience and in the tools and processes we use to produce content. I will be presenting both in person and online webinars on best practices for working with these production workflows over the next few months and welcome any questions, comments or other participation around your experiences in this area.
  • scarrey
    by scarrey 5 years ago
    Canon is offering a FREE class on workflows for their D-Cinema Camera. You can sign up for the next class here
  • scarrey
    by scarrey 5 years ago
    If you have stopped by this Group Page, I welcome you and encourage your involvement. Please join, comment, and participate in any manner that provides value for you and other members. Let your network know of us as well and together lets grow a community whereby we can exchange the latest information on the tools and techniques that we create and experience our content through! - May The Force Be With You!


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