May 18th

1991 Oscars - Best Sound Effects Editing

By David Jantunen
Clip from the 1991 Oscars, the category for Best Sound Effects Editing. This shows
clips from Terminator 2, Backdraft and Star Trek VI before and after sound

effects were added to the scenes. It gives you a whole new perspective on the

crucial role sound plays in motion pictures.

Apr 26th

Need music for your production, event or venue?

By Stickman

With the albums in our catalogue, Confident that our tracks would suit TV & film, advertising campaigns, video presentations, play-lists and radio airplay, we are interested in being represented the world over, so if you are in need music for any of your projects then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Duncan J. White

Mar 21st


By None

Casting Call in Hollywood by a Talented young Sci Fi Action Director.


Auditions will take place on:

Monday      March 24th @ 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Tuesday      March 25th @ 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Wednesday March 26th @ 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Thursday    March 27th @ 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.


CAZT Studios

916 N. Formosa Ave.

Hollywood, CA 90046


Please log into CAZT: and review the CAZT links: 






Please contact Entertainment Bigger Than Life @ if you have any questions.


Dec 29th

Newvie Makers Podcast Launched!

By Full Spectrum Films

Welcome To Newvie Makers!

      Newvie Makers Podcast has launched our podcast for people interested in the challenges independent filmmakers face in the production their early projects with usually no budget to speak of. We ourselves are filmmakers working on our first short film as Thicker Than Blood Films as well as getting ready for other future projects both shorts and features. Newvie Makers is inspired by Kevin Simth's own SOMovie Makers but we wanted to dicuss with other filmmakers all the hardships we face as filmmakers with no money and limited time to create art.

    This episode is about that short film that is still in production getting ready for more production at the end of Jan. 2014. We introduce ourselves and talk about the hardships of finding an actress and dealing with situations when you lose an actress that you have already filmed.

    The future goal of Newvie Makers is to have new filmmakers come on discuss their current or recent projects after watching them. We really wanted to find something that we could share with our fellow filmmakers. We are looking to build a community of independent filmmakers who can help and learn from each other.

   Thicker Than Blood Films is proud to build and share this with the commuity of filmmakers getting started on their journey of making films. Please feel free to comment and let us know what you think. If you know filmmakers busting their ass getting film productions done please share those with us. We want to help them get discovered! Thank you for your time!

Jun 2nd is Here! Sign Up Today!


We're excited to announce that is now live! home page 

Companies or individuals who need to create an audiovisual project can use to find talented creative AV freelancers. 

AV freelancers such as YouTube video creators, video editors, voiceover talents, animators, graphic designers, live event technicians, actors, and other creative professionals from around the world create profiles on to advertise their specialties and bid on the posted projects.

The concept of a freelance job marketplace is certainly not a new idea.  But at we've tried to make it easier for both the businesses seeking freelance creative talent and for the freelancers.

Many audiovisual projects are made up of multiple pieces which need to be brought together for the final production. has worked to streamline the process. As an example, let's consider a business that wants to create a YouTube video to help market their products or services.

They'll need to find a variety of creative professionals -- a video specialist to shoot and edit the video, a graphic designer to create visuals, maybe an animator for an animation sequence, a script writer, a voice talent to record the narration. lets business post the project in one spot, listing all the different types of creatives they need to create it.  They can describe the details of the project and the different gigs that make up the project, they can include the budgets for each portion of the project, and specify the starting and ending dates for the project.  Posting projects on is free, and a business can post as many projects as they want after creating an account on the site.

Since lots of creative freelancers have more than one specialty we designed to allow people to highlight any and all of their specialties.  For example, maybe you shoot and edit video, but are also a voice talent, writer, and actor.  When setting up your profile you can check off all your areas of expertise.

In addition, there is a description section where freelancers can more fully describe their services, experience, and any additional information they would like to include.  Freelancers can also include a link to their own  website as way to further market themselves to potential clients.

Freelance audiovisual creatives can create a profile for free.  In order to bid on gigs posted by others, a one-year paid membership is required. is live.  Please visit and sign up today!

Jan 17th

Canon cinema cameras now in rental

By CSI Rentals

CSI Rentals is the emporium of the film makers by featuring everything on your equipment list From Cameras, Lenses, Rigs, Cranes Jibs Sliders, and Mics to Lighting of all sources Tungsten HMI LED Kino Flo Grip and expendables and what not at great rates satisfying any budget.

CSI Rentals is your one stop cinema rental house featuring the full line of Canon Cinema cameras and lenses including the Canon C300, C100 and now the latest EOS 1DC DSLR Cinema 4K as well as the Red Scarlet Cinema Primes and now HMI lights up to 6k.

CSI Rentals is conveniently located in the heart of New York city’s photo district in their ground level store at 133 West 19 St bet 6th and 7th avenues  and also offers delivery and pick up and curbside service for those coming by vehicle

CSI Rentals has a state of the art website with photos and detailed information on each product linked to its accessories with great package savings options and sophisticated online rental reservation system

On your next shoot give yourself a treat you deserve book your equipment at CSI Rentals and experience the freedom of a hassle free production and wonder what to do with the remainder of your budget…

Jan 14th

Curtise Revel has Stage 4 Cancer

By Jongleur
Curtise Revel is in Hospice Care suffering with Stage 4 Cancer. He has no insurance and we need help with funeral costs and related expenses. For more information go to:
Jan 13th set to launch in Spring 2013

By, a website which helps audio visual professionals around the world find paying gigs, will be launching this Spring. connects AV pros with the people who need them

Once the site launches, AV professionals will be able to create profiles advertising their skills and expertise.  People and companies who need to complete audio visual projects will be able to post project details and solicit bids from the AV professionals.  For the employers, will be a one-stop place for them to hire many types of audio visual pros. will feature a wide variety of audio visual professionals, including cinematographers, videographers, voiceover talents, graphic designers, theater technicians, writers, animators, film and video production crew members, live event producers, and sound designers -- in fact every type of AV talent will be welcome on


Please visit now and leave your email address to be notified when the site is launched.  Our goal at is to help you grow your business.

Jan 6th

New year, new projects, the way ahead.

By Stickman

We're always looking for companies to license our music.  Now with six albums in our catalogue, we are sure that our tracks would suit TV & film, advertising campaigns, video presentations, play lists.  We are also interested in getting radio airplay to promote our music and continue to work on fresh, new ideas.  We are also interested in being represented the world over, so if you can help then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

In regards to projects, great progress is being made on re-mastering and reworking tracks for our eighth album "Techno Beat", scheduled for release in 2013.  The album was originally recorded around 1995 – 1997 and is a collection of early techno tracks.  The project also saw, for the first time, the appearance of the Stickman name.

Visit our Myspace page ( and scroll down to the bottom to see links to our other sites.  Our tracks are also featured on numerous sites, where they are available for people to purchase and download. 

Dec 7th

Do you want to "Get Laid With Food"

By Poco
I have been writting and shooting a New Cooking Show.

 “Get Laid With Food “ Is the New Type of Amazing Webisode.
Poco(Paco)Zocko is going to shows you how to make his Great and Simple Food to impress that Special Someone with better results. Because Paco Zocko Is going to show you how to "Get Laid With Food"

   Every Episode Starts of with a Type of Blind Date on the way over and Poco Zocko Is going to cook a Quick Easy Meal Pertaining to the type of Date.

Pilot Poco Has a Blind Date On the way over, She calls her self Brown Sugar, So Poco is going to make his Sweet Ginger Salmon with Brown Sugar,... For his Brown Sugar,  
When his date arrives it is a reminder Why you have to be careful with Internet dates. 
This show Sales Sex, Food and Comedy.
It Has To Be A Winner.
Coming January of 2013
Product Placment, Sponcers and Episoids Perches Avalabul
Call Jeffrey Gelman At 323-899-3136 for more infomation