May 2nd

Work as a Makeup Artist in Film


Work as a makeup artist in film

Date: June 11-15

Time: 10:00 A.M – 5:00 P.M

Entry Deadline is June 1, 2012




Georgia is fast becoming a major filming center for film and TV. Many makeup artists coming on-set for the first time become overwhelmed by the hectic structure of the fast paced production schedule of filming movies.


Makeup as it applies to beauty and glamour is not the same as it applies to building charterers to be compatible with scripts and FX. In this 5 day course you will be ready to hit the ‘ground running’ from the first day on-set. In addition you will understand the structure of director to pa’s and union vs. non-union. This is the perfect introduction class to make the makeup artist camera ready for the introduction to makeup for movies.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Independent film vs. Union films
  • Maximize call sheets
  • Read daily strips for film scheduling
  • Ethics on-set
  • Develop makeup for charterers as the look applies to daily strips 
  • Integrate daily makeup with continuity into strips
  • Identify strips into and read a script 
  • Fundamentals of continuity
  • Craft and use makeup contouring and highlighting for film and HD
  • Fundamentals of last looks
  • FX
  • Develop and age a bruise
  • Develop a bloody nose.
  • Maximize blood capsules
  • Fundamentals of bullet holes
  • Fundamentals of latex

If you want to work in the makeup department of film it is critical that you learn now how to understand the three-way principals of makeup application for film video and still photography.

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Signe up now:  Contact Charlene Perry at  with questions or call 678.643.7996 anytime.  


  • Charlene Perry – Trained in the Westmore School of makeup. Has over 20 years as a Key makeup artist in films. Has worked in TV, Video, commercial photography.
  • Angela Lieben – Mac makeup trained. Has over 12 years in film, video, fashion photography and weddings.
  • Rachel Strawder – Trained in special effects makeup by Norcostco she continues to instruct classes in special effects.