Aug 27th

Bass-Kick Instinct

By AudioRichter: Voiceover | Sound FX | Music

Dancing to the “boom chik boom chik” makes me happy.  They say I resemble a Muppet.   I don’t care because it feels good.  As a musician, I want to expel the very thing I ingest.   I mimic my body in that regard.  The only problem is, it doesn’t come out right!  Not natural.  I have heard music where the bass and kick like to dance in tight and rousing formation compared to my woppy-cockled waist twists.  Fred Estaire would say it’s a three-step jive.

 One step is to have the kick drum take lead and carry the weight, the bottom end, the lower frequencies.  The bass then shimmies, or plays,    around higher notes/frequencies in the arrangement.   But now, the bass sounds like PePe the King Prawn when I may prefer Sweetums.           You dig meep? 

 Two heavy beasts playing low sub frequencies at the same time turns a mix into the last tango come dawn.  Messy.  Sadly, the kick can have  frequencies so low, many speakers can’t reproduce it and an arrangement would sound weak. 

 Time for the dance flip!  Bassie Birtha can lead!  Let the kick take the upper frequency space.  This is the music formula for the tunes that weigh in at the 40-80Hz sub-bass category!   The kick then settles in the 80-100Hz space.  To help the bass line stick out, add a mid bass Solid Gold back-up Dancer around 150Hz to about 500Hz above the kick - a contemporary favorite.  Now that everyone is working in close proximity, they all sound heavier.   Be warned:  the bass can only move around a few narrow note steps. Otherwise, if you go up in pitch, you loose weight.  This could have its advantages creatively speaking…

How about the waltz, let’s ask?  The one where the bass and kick can take the same frequency space?  That third step is the dosy-do.  One idea is that they don’t hit at the same time, but rather they lay down their rhythmic attack on off beats of each other, taking turns.  You could also Duck your heavy partners off each other by sidechain compression.  Now both have the freedom to be as loUd as they want to be and as widE in the Hz as they care.  Your only contender is the pumping it creates. The fact that I always arranged them together was why my low end was woppy-cockled and constipated.  Now that I know better, a booming fart in the wind.


Want a listening exorcise?  Pick out 5 pieces of music each from a different genera.  Do you hear the difference in how the bass and kick drum sections interact keeping in mind the three step arrangement?

Aug 22nd


By Waldofilmer
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By Waldofilmer
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Aug 13th


By Waldofilmer
  Walter Jakubowski
Prepared by: Walter Jakubowski
WJake Productions
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Hi, I am Walter Jakubowski, a cardiac patient looking for help to live my dream and endeavor.
I was born with Congenital Heart Disease and at the age of 3 months old I underwent my first open heart surgery to save my live.  Then at 6 months old I underwent another one, once again to save my life.  Since then I have gone under 4 more open heart surgeries the last one in 1998 and due to a relapse I was in a comma for a month and a half.  They implanted a bovine valve in place of my original pulmonary valve.  In 2005 I under went my first pacemaker implantation; however due to the severe damage to my heart that pacemaker was unsuccessful in keeping my heart rate normal.  In 2007 I underwent my second pacemaker implantation.  Also in 2007 I underwent back surgery to correct paralysis in my right leg, which was 50% successful, since I am paralyzed from my knee down and must walk with a prosthetic boot.
Within the next several years I must under go another open heart surgery to replace the bovine valve, since they are only good for a maximum of 20 years.
At the age of 13, since I was not able to play like a normal child I spent my days using my dad's 8mm film camera and my family members to make movies.  I dreamed of becoming a film maker as I enjoyed the artistic views from the camera and how I can control the action to make family entertainment.  I went to film school and received my B.A. in Film/TV/Video Production.
Please help me reach my dreams, endeavors and goal of raising $500,000, for the production of those three projects above.
Aug 8th

Fund Raiser

By Waldofilmer
Walter Jakubowski  was born with Congenital Heart Disease and at the age of 3 months old he underwent his first open heart surgery in order to save his life. At the age of 6 months old he had to go through his second operation.  Since then he has under gone 4 more open heart surgeries, the last bing in 1998 which saved his life.  However during recovery he had relapsed and was in a comma for 1 1/2 months.  He has a bovine valve and must be replaced within the next several years.  In 2005 he had to under go a pacemaker implantation, then again in 2007. Also in 2007 he had to go through back surgery in order to try and correct paralysis on his right leg.  It was 50% successful since he is paralyzed from below his knee down and must use a prosthetic boot to walk.
At the young age of 13, since he was not able to play with the neighborhood kids he took his fathers 8mm film camera and used his family members to make movies.   He dreamed of becoming a filmmaker as he enjoyed the artistic views from the camera and how he can control the action to make family entertainment.  He went to film school and received his B.A in Tv/Video/Film production.
His goal is to raise $500,000 to makes his dream a reality. God Bless all that help him reach his dream, endeavor and goal.
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