Newvie Makers Podcast Launched!

Published by: Full Spectrum Films on 29th Dec 2013 | View all blogs by Full Spectrum Films

Welcome To Newvie Makers!

      Newvie Makers Podcast has launched our podcast for people interested in the challenges independent filmmakers face in the production their early projects with usually no budget to speak of. We ourselves are filmmakers working on our first short film as Thicker Than Blood Films as well as getting ready for other future projects both shorts and features. Newvie Makers is inspired by Kevin Simth's own SOMovie Makers but we wanted to dicuss with other filmmakers all the hardships we face as filmmakers with no money and limited time to create art.

    This episode is about that short film that is still in production getting ready for more production at the end of Jan. 2014. We introduce ourselves and talk about the hardships of finding an actress and dealing with situations when you lose an actress that you have already filmed.

    The future goal of Newvie Makers is to have new filmmakers come on discuss their current or recent projects after watching them. We really wanted to find something that we could share with our fellow filmmakers. We are looking to build a community of independent filmmakers who can help and learn from each other.

   Thicker Than Blood Films is proud to build and share this with the commuity of filmmakers getting started on their journey of making films. Please feel free to comment and let us know what you think. If you know filmmakers busting their ass getting film productions done please share those with us. We want to help them get discovered! Thank you for your time!



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