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Knowledge and Experience of Professional Makeup Application

• Corrective and Camouflage Make-up
• Brow Shaping, Tweezing, Trimming, Filling In-Pencil and Powder
• Natural and Corrective Eye Shadow Positions
• Blending Techniques
• Natural and Corrective Eyeliner Positions
• Cheek Color Theory and Application Techniques
• Lip Color Application and Correcting Problematic Lip Shapes
• Highlight and Contouring Techniques
• Overlay Drawing Techniques
• Natural Beauty Make-up
• Fashion Make-up
• Glamour Beauty Make-up
• Avant-Garde Make-up
• Reshaping Facial Shapes with Highlight and Contour Techniques
• Rejuvenation Methods
• False Eye Lash Application-Strips, Individuals and Lower Lashes
• Mature Make-up
• Male Corrective Make-up
• Make-up for Special Occasions-Bridal
• Make-up for Black and White Photography
• Make-up for Color Photography
• Make-up for Film, Television, HDTV and Print Photography
• Special Events Makeup
• Beauty make-up using Airbrush
• Body make-up
• Tanning
• Rubber bald cap application
• Injuries using wax
• Scratches, cuts, lacerations and scars
• Bullet entrance and exit wounds
• Creation of new and old bruises


Certified Makeup Artist – Make-Up Designory - MUD
Beauty Make-Up Artistry 160 hours

Airbrushing for the Make-up Artist - MUD
32 clock hours

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  • DennisTheArtist
    by DennisTheArtist 4 years ago
    Great website Julia, you do nice work :-)
  • AudioRichter: Voiceover | Sound FX | Music
    Fun website! I'd love to see you post more avant guard make up designes! Rock on!
  • Elisabetta
    by Elisabetta 6 years ago
    Thank you dear Julia, blessings from Italy
  • Traxxz
    by Traxxz 6 years ago
    I saw this post thought you might be interested


    Hiring 2 Makeup/Hair Artists for 10/18/11 Tuesday commercial shoot. The shoot features contrasting hair & makeup changes similar to the new Sofia Vergara commercial with quick changes (http://youtu.be/sQTwtFUcGUg ). Actors will go from punk to glam, goth to schoolgirl, etc. You will have the opportunity to do mohawk, bald cap, tattoo simulation, and wig work.

    Send links to portfolio to info@studyofmakeup.com.

    Rate is $250/day.
  • hsp
    by hsp 7 years ago
    Can u help we have 2wks left If u havent yet contributed a few bucks we need ur help to meet our goal and send it on 2 all ur friends! we have some nice perks
    Thx GB Nik