Introducing the CobraCrane SteadySlider

eg: stopmotion, new-york, street
Introducing the CobraCrane SteadySlider. The CobraCrane SteadySlider is the next evolution of the cinematographers toolkit. Add value at an affordable price! You can independently control the speed, range, precision and duration that your camera moves. Capture modern sliding shots and Time Lapses. This slider is built on the idea of never stopping creativity. With the open source software, users who like to write software are able to add, change, remove, improve upon, and create thousands of new commands that you will be able to download into your smartphone to control the CobraCrane SteadySlider wirelessly through your iPhone or Android based smartphone. No time to develop your own moves? No problem. With every SteadySlider comes a list of preprogrammed commands that will allow your camera to move and capture incredible shots and unbelievable time lapses. Visit for more information

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